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Are you Reemtsma?


We truly believe that everyone eventually can find the right employer – and the other way round! Your job shouldn't never feel like a struggle; your workplace should be a space where you can thrive and develop your talents, personality and strengths. After all, happy employees are the best employees!

Here at Reemtsma, we don't search for candidates who are perfect on paper. So, let’s be honest – nobody’s flawless.

We are looking for people who are enthusiastic and love getting things moving. People who see challenges as opportunities. People who are flexible and agile, who value collaboration and an international environment, while thinking in a consumer-centric manner. People who see the transformation we are undergoing as a company and as an industry as a concrete contribution to a more sustainable future for people and the environment.

We are Hanseatic at heart and international in business. How about you? Great, since that makes you Reemtsma material!