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Reemts­ma Help Day

To good neighbourliness


Reemtsma has always been a company that takes responsibility, particularly around its sites, with employees who have internalised this idea and often engage in social commitments outside of work hours. This tradition gave birth to the Reemtsma Help Day in 2012. The concept is both simple and beneficial: once a year, up to 150 employees from the Hamburg site are released by Reemtsma to volunteer at various charitable institutions in the city. The chosen projects range from environmental protection, nature conservation, and animal welfare to supporting the needy, refugees, social interaction and participation initiatives, and integration efforts. Over the years, the Reemtsma Help Day has established close partnerships with Hamburg institutions, some of which were brought to our attention by employees personally invested in the cause, and which we are especially proud of as a company.

What makes Reemtsma Help Day truly special is that everyone involved benefits from it. The organisations supported by our volunteers receive much-needed help in the form of manpower and donations, while our employees get the chance to make a meaningful contribution to society. The success of this concept is demonstrated by the continued interest in participating in the Reemtsma Help Day since its debut in 2012, both among our staff and Hamburg's charitable organisations. After a hiatus due to the pandemic between 2020 and 2022, we are eagerly anticipating the return of the Reemtsma Help Day. This day of voluntary social commitment is a vital part of the year at Reemtsma and for many of our partner organisations in Hamburg.