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Taking responsibility, creating trust


As a responsible consumer goods manufacturer, employer of roundabout 1,700 employees in Germany and Imperial Brands' second most important national company worldwide, we are fully cognisant of the role we play as a company in achieving greater sustainability in business and society. Our sustainability strategy clearly reflects this and links our local commitment with the common sustainability goals of our globally active group.

With our own guidelines for the marketing of our products, we often even exceed the legal restrictions. In this way, we ensure that our communication is aimed only at adult consumers. Furthermore, we always emphasise the risks associated with smoking and explicitly support an informed, personal consumption decision. To establish and promote trust, we always aim for open and constructive dialogue with all social groups. Transparency is crucial. We do not conceal anything, we display openness in our thoughts and actions, respect differing opinions, and do not shy away from controversial topics. This is how we ensure that Reemtsma can continue to thrive in the long term, make a positive contribution, and thus truly live up to its responsibility.

Find out more here about what responsible action means at Reemtsma in such important areas as sustainability, health, social commitment or youth protection.