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We’ve been reinventing ourselves – for over 110 years


Established in 1910 as a manufacturer of traditional tobacco products, we possess over 110 years of product knowledge and brand expertise in the field of classic tobacco products and their associated accessories. As a modern and innovative supplier of e-cigarettes and tobacco-free nicotine pouches, we are now one of the drivers of new product categories in German-speaking countries that enable potentially less risky nicotine consumption. And as the world's second most important country organisation in the Imperial Brands group, we are undergoing a comprehensive transformation with our parent company. This transformation presents us with challenges, but more importantly, it brings a plethora of opportunities.

Together, we want to forge a path to a healthier future for moments of relaxation and pleasure. We call this: a future with heritage.

Join us on our journey of transformation and get to know Reemtsma even better.