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Code of Conduct


Our guideline for responsible action


We are constantly under scrutiny because of the complex challenges we face in our markets and globally. While we operate in a controversial market, our way of working must be unassailable for that very reason.

Our Code of Conduct is of great importance for the sustainability of our actions. In conjunction with our values and five core behaviours, it sets the standards for responsible behaviour that all of us at Reemtsma and Imperial Brands should observe and put into practice every day - no matter what our role or responsibility or location. Compliance with our Code of Conduct is mandatory and applies without exception and at all times to all of the approximately 1,700 Reemtsma employees in Germany as well as to the approximately 26,000 employees in the worldwide Imperial Brands network. In addition, we expect all persons with whom we work to be familiar with our Code of Conduct and to strictly adhere to it when acting on our behalf.

The topics covered in our Code of Conduct are correspondingly extensive. In addition to our employees and our company itself, it also covers our customers and suppliers as well as the communities in which we operate. It thus forms an essential cornerstone for us as a group of companies to be able to shape our global transformation responsibly and successfully.